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Call for papers, posters, round-table presentations

We invite ph.d.-students to send proposals.
The proposal can be a paper proposal, a poster proposal or
a round-table presentation.


  • Which are the main challenges to research in education,
    especially teacher education, between national identity
    and global trends?
  • The themes  of  the proposals connect to research in
    education from pre school, through basic, secondary
    and upper secondary education to higher education.

Topics including, but not restricted to:

  • Quality in teaching and learning
  • Examples of good practice and instruction
  • Multicultural education
  • Practice and theory in teacher education
  • Literacy and the concept of ‘Bildung’
  • Multimodality
  • Between national identity and global trends
  • Values in teacher education

Further information on papers, posters and roundtable presentations.

Papers proposal
A paper proposal is an abstract of 200-300 words giving the necessary information about your research project: the problem formulation, methodology, theoretical framework, and results. Deadline for submission of an abstract is 1st March 2012. Notification of acceptance will be given 30th March 2012.

If your paper proposal is accepted, you are expected to submit a full length paper at the latest 27th April 2012. A full length paper has a maximum of 7000 words (abstract and references included). This paper will be peer reviewed for a possible inclusion in a conference anthology.

Posters proposal
A poster proposal is an abstract of approximately 100 words and must tell about the theme of your intended poster presentation. Deadline for proposal (abstract) is 1. March. The poster will be produced later, when you know if your poster proposal has been accepted or not. Notification of acceptance will be given 30. March. Final poster deadline: 27. April.

When a poster has been accepted, the presenter will be given an electronic address to which the file should be sent for printing. NAFOL will cover the printing costs. Poster format: A0 (841 × 1189mm). File format: PDF. Accepted posters will be displayed in the conference hall area.

Criterions: The jury will make the choice based on visual attraction, the substance content balanced between text presentation and graphic/visual communication, appealing structure, readability, formal demands, overall appearance, as well as more formal demands like use of references and possibly relevant graphics or visual effects. Appearance is not an exactly defined entity, but informed by aesthetic choices, humor or appeal to cultural references.

NEW information! The organizing committee of the NAFOL conference 15th May 2012 invites you to participate in a creative competition in research communication by poster presentations. Read more

Roundtable presentation
Deadline for submitting a paper proposal elapsed 1th March. You are still welcome to register as participant of the conference.

Times New Roman 12 font
Full paper maximum 7000 words

Poster format: A0  (841×1189mm)



File format: PDF

Presenters will have their posters
printed for free by the NAFOL org.