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Conference report


Conference participants who present papers at the conference “Teacher Education between National Identity and Global Trends” are invited to send in their manuscript for evaluation. Articles based on the presentation of new research results or articles discussing theoretical aspects of research are welcome to participate. The choice of articles will be based on the evaluation done by two independent reviewers.

Conference anthology (report)
The conference anthology will consist of a selection of articles based on the presen¬tation of new research results or articles discussing theoretical aspects of research. The conference anthology will be published by Tapir and has status as scientific anthology (niveau 1), which gives 0,7 point in the Norwegian publication system.

Education Inquiry
Some of the articles will be evaluated for inclusion in an issue of the journal «Education Inquiry». The articles will have status as scientific (niveau 1), which gives 0,7 point in the Norwegian publication system.

Guidelines for the articles are given below. Contributions which are not in accordance with the guidelines will not be evaluated. Each article should not exceed 7 000 words, including abstract and references.

Abstracts: 1. March 2012
Full length paper after accepted abstract: 27. April 2012
Contribution to conference anthology or Education Inquiry: 1st June 2012.
Response from the reviewers: 15th June 2012.

All contributors must have had their abstracts accepted for presentation. A full length text will then be sent to the conference no later than 27. April 2012 so that every Ph.D.-presenter can be given a qualified response to their presentation. After the conference the presenter can still adjust and revise the article before sending it in for possible inclusion in the conference anthology or in Education Inquiry. The article must be sent no later than 1. June 2012 to
as a Word- or RTF- document. 

Review process
The review process might lead to one of three results:
The article will be accepted.
The reviewers ask for revisions.
The article is rejected.

Guidelines for contributions
The conference anthology will follow the guidelines given by the editor, Tapir, and authors must therefore stick to the model that has been agreed upon.  The model is a Word document with all technical definitions included.

Download the model Mal English.docx, and write your text or paste it into the model.

Title, name of author and affiliation
The article is sent in with title, name of author and the author’s affiliation.

Every article contains a summary. The summary in the beginning of the article must not exceed half a page.

Images, graphs in black and white
Images and graphs are sent in separate files, in the right format. They will be printed in black and white.

Font Times New Roman 14, single space, and 6 points distance after every section (Normal). Title in bold 16; second level title in 14, and third level title in cursive.

Quotations shorter than 40 words are written in the text with quotation marks (not cursive). Quotations longer than 40 words are separated from the text as block quotations (no cursive, no quotation marks, but use font 12. Omissions from quotations are marked by three dots surrounded by brackets. Do not use underlining.
Footnotes should be avoided. If necessary footnotes only at the relevant page.

The APA-system must be used for references
The following web sites give good information on the APA-system: