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Key Note Speakers

Lee Shulman

Educating Teachers: A Comparative Perspective Across the Professions

  Lee Shulman
Professor emeritus
Stanford University

What can we learn about the preparation of teachers from careful examination of how members of other professions are prepared? Nursing, medicine, law, the clergy and engineering are also professions that carry with them the responsibility for rigorous intellectual and technical learning along with profound moral responsibilities for the wellbeing of the broader society.  Lessons can be drawn from the comparative study of professional learning that carry important ideas regarding the relationships between learning technical skills and critical reflection, on the teaching of both the indispensable routines of daily practice and the creative judgments needed to deal with the unexpected, and the central role of professional identity for the development of integrity and social commitments needed by those who serve the needs of their fellow human beings.


Stella Damaris Ngorosho

Challenges for the teacher education in developing countries: the case of Tanzania

  Stella Damaris Ngorosho
Ph.D, post doc researcher
ADEM, Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Stella Damaris Ngorosho will talk about challenges teachers face from both the school and home environments.
Teachers go through teacher training but I am sure the curriculum does not include aspects of the kind of challenges the teachers might come across during the actual teaching.


Marilyn Cochran-Smith

Trends and Challenges in Teacher Education: National and International Perspectives

  Marilyn Cochran-Smith
Cawthorne Professor
Lynch  School of Education Boston College 

There is now unprecedented attention, almost worldwide, to teacher quality defined in terms of student achievement.
Politicians, policy makers and researchers of all stripes now assume that teachers are a critical influence (if not the single most important influence) on how, what and how much students learn.  Accordingly, there are now extremely high expectations for teacher performance, and the question of how a nation's teachers are recruited, prepared and supported has become one of the hottest topics in the public and academic discourse regarding education. This presentation will describe and critique several of the major trends and challenges now facing initial teacher education, drawing on examples from the U.S. context as well as other nations.