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Round table
Gloria Jahn and Franziska Frost
Do Pre-Service Teachers Assess Their Pedagogical Competences Realistically?
– A Study about the Correlation between Educational and Diagnostic Self-Concepts of Pre-Service Teachers and Their Professional Vision
Trine Ørbæk Researching experience.

Paper sessions NAFOL conference 15 May 2012

Session 1  
Room nr: Britannia Hall
Moderator: professor Kari Smith
Assistant: NAFOL Ph.D. student Britt Karin S. Utvær
Kari Røykenes ​High stake testing in mathematics; How does a flawless drug calculation test effect nursing students´ test anxiety?
Britt Karin S Utvær ​Health and Social Care Students´ persistence in Vocational Education: the Significance of Life Goals, Motivation, and the Experience of Meaning.
Franziska Frost Motivational, Pedagogical and Cognitive Prerequisites of Pre-service teacher candidates - Systematic Analysis of Application Documents.
Lea Lund Larsen Competence development through practice-based learning - a study of adult teacher´learning processes. 15.30
Session 2  
Room nr: M1 Arkitekt Norum
Moderator:  professor Thorolf Krüger
Assistant: NAFOL Ph.D. student Solveig A Bendiksen
Solveig A Bendiksen   (Dis-)playground for (de-)signmakers @;-) 14:00
Trine Ørbæk Creative Dance in Physical Education. 14:30
Dag Ofstad Entrepreneurship and innovation – the translation process from techno - economic to pedagogical context. 15:00

Camilla Cederholm

School song repertoire as a means of building national identity. 15:30
Session 3  
Room nr
: M2 Anker Backe
Moderator: professor Anna-Lena Østern
Assistant: NAFOL Ph.D. student Vibeke Solbue
Vibeke Solbue In search of my hidden preconceptions as a researcher .
Kristina Mårtensson   The importance of student teachers’ memories of school for their developing professional identity. 14:30
Børge Skaaland    Holding your own or loss of the self.  The protection and maintenance of teachers’ personal and professional self when pupils violate pedagogues’ reciprocal ontological security trough threats, violence and harassment. 15:00

Gilian Peiser

The influence of teachers’ interests, personalities and life experiences in intercultural languages teaching.  15:30
Session 4  
Room nr
: M3 Ingebertine
Moderator: professor Synnøve Matre
Assistant: NAFOL Ph.D. student Tove Lafton
Tove  Lafton Possible discursive understandings of the concept digital practice in Early Childhood Education. 14:00
Kristin Helstad Knowledge at play: Teachers’ and experts’ collaborative work on student writing. 14:30
Anne Kristine Runestad Between Intention and Reception - Digital texts as learning resources in reading and writing learning in grade 1 at primary school. 15:00
Marcia Lindqvist Teachers’ expectations regarding possibilities and challenges of  learning practices and processes in two schools in a 1:1 computer initiative. 15:30
Session 5 
Room  nr: M8b Claussen
Moderator:  professor May-Britt Postholm
Assistant: NAFOL Ph.D. student Bent Cato Hustad
Kristin Barstad Qualification frameworks and the concept of knowledge - From Aristotle to Bologna, Brussels and Norway. 14:00
Anne Berit Emstad School evaluation in Norway through 20 years.
Where do we stand, and what are the main challenges?
Bent Cato Hustad How do principals experience working for enhanced employee-presence in their schools? 15:00
Siv Saarukka Components influencing principals´ leadership. 15:30