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Poster presentations NAFOL conference 15 May 2012
Barstad, Kristin QUALIFICATION FRAMEWORKS AND THE CONCEPT OF KNOWLEDGE - From Aristotle to Bologna, Brussels and Norway.

Birkeland, Åsta  Will through a comparative approach explore how the ideals of individualization are understood and unfolded in preschool teachers’ practice in Norway and China.

Bjordal, Ingvil Multicultural education in a Norwegian context – approaches to “the other “ or new ways of conceptualizing our selves.

Borgen, Siv Yndestad Cultural formation of identity of schoolbased teacher educators within a community of practice.

Burner, Tony
Pupils´voices: Learning through assessment?

Bøe, Marit Practical knowledge and educational leadership in kindergarten.
+ Karin Hognestad.

Eide, Kristin Teachers’ contribution to school development, what makes it possible and what restrict their work?

Granly, Astrid  Learning to teach writing.

Faye, Reidun  Dropping out – Dropping in. What happens to pupils who drop out of primary school in Nepal?

Fjogstad, Tonje    “Breakdance – that’s me!” Identity construction among young breakdancers.

Flatøy, Ingunn    Abc online resources in early literacy - a valuable supplement or a waste of time?

Frost, Franziska 
+ Manfred Prenzel + Tina Seidel  Motivational, Pedagogical and Cognitive Prerequisites of Pre-Service Teacher Candidates – A Systematic Analysis of Application Documents.

Hofslundsengen, Hilde  Emergent literacy in preschool.
Holten, Ingeborg S. The concept of power in the transition between kindergarten and school.

Instefjord, Elen  Integrating technology in teacher education.

Jensen, Andreas   Reflexive teacher training - modeling a didactical analytic tool.
Jølle, Lennart    Expert competence in assessment of writing within a community of practice.

Jørgensen, Camilla S.  Applied bildung in pupils’ RE texts.

Kjelen, Halvard  A canon that captivates.

Kongsgården, Petter ICT-supported assessment practices in upper secondary school.

Kristoffersen, Cherise S.  How can writing development be affected by developing a shared terminology?

Lafton, Tove
Exploring the concept digital practice in early childhood education.

Langørgen, Ketil Becoming a teacher educator: a norwegian perspective.

Larsen, Lea Lund
Teachers of adults as learners. A study on teachers’ experiences in practice

Leirhaug, Petter Erik The Absence of Assessment FOR Learning in Norwegian Physical Education: Assessment Crises or Opportunity?

Letnes, Mari-Ann Children's meaning-making process through production of multimodal texts.

Ofstad, Dag The formation of entrepreneurial talents - a qualitative study of the importance of an active, pupil cooperative, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial learning approach in education and enculturation.

Runestad, Anne Kristine Between Intention and Reception - Digital texts as learning resources in reading and writing learning in grade 1 at primary school.

Røkenes, Fredrik Mørk The concept of digital competence and how student teachers gain digital competence from their teacher-training institutions.

Røykenes, Kari High stake testing in mathematics; How does a flawless drug calculation test effect nursing students’ test anxiety?

Sitter, Nora Creating a room for self reflection and transformation

Skreland, Lisbeth L. An empirical study of the Teacher’s professional work and their practice of norms and rules.

Spetalen, Halvor
Training for a new vocational didactics in technical and vocational teacher education.

Steele, Annfrid Rosøy
  Challenges and opportunities for R&D as an integrated part of the new Teacher Education program at the University of Tromsø.

Svendsen, Bodil Inquiries into teaching practice.

Sætre, Jon Helge Educating general music teachers: A mixed methods study of educational content in general teacher education.

Sæverot, Ane Malene The Educational Potential of the Image.

Tynæs, Arne Kristoffer To grasp the (trans)formative in a complex learning medium: Performativity as analyzing tool in understanding drama as formation.

Utvær, Britt Karin Health and Social Care Students’ Persistence in Vocational Education.

Vesterdal, Knut Roles and functions of human rights education.

Waade, Roy A. Improvisation in Music-education: "A didactic Utopia or a neglected breeding ground for creativity?".

Wilson, Dordy Practice and theory in teacher education. How to learn – even more or maybe less.

Æsøy, Knut Ove  Professionalism and Science - Comparing the epistemic cultures for professional teachers and nurses.

Ørbæk, Trine Creative dance in physical education.

Ødegård, Julie Ane Political education in upper secondary schools.