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Teacher Education Research between National Identity and Global Trends


​ ​Program 15. May 2012
08:30-09:00​ ​Registration
​09:00- 09:30 ​Welcome
Jorunn S Melhus, folk music trio Vildrot
Jan Morten Dyrstad , Dean of the hosting faculty SVT, NTNU
Anna-Lena Østern, daily scientific leader of NAFOL
​09:30-10:15 ​Educating Teachers: A Comparative Perspective across the Professions
Lee S. Shulman (Chair: May Britt Postholm)
​10:30-11:15 ​Challenges for the teacher education in developing countries: the case of Tanzania
Stella Damaris Ngorosho (Chair: Anna-Lena Østern)
​11:30-12:00 ​Break: refreshments
​12:00-12:45 ​Trends and Challenges in Teacher Education: National and International Perspectives
Marilyn Cochran- Smith  (Chair:  Kari Smith)
​13:00-14:00 ​Lunch
​14:00-16:00 ​Paper Sessions
​16:15-17:45  ​Panel discussion: Teacher Education Research between  National Identity and  Global Trends
Chair: Kari Smith
Panel members: 
Shulman, Cochran-Smith, Ngorosho, Lorentzen, Barstad, Erixon, Munthe
​19:00 ​Conference dinner and dance

The panel discussion will be chaired by professor Kari Smith

Professor Kari Smith
University of Bergen
Faculty of Psychology,
Department of Education
Panel members 


Ulla Lahtinen is professor of special education (em.) at Faculty of Education, Åbo Akademi University.
She has developed a master program in special education, and Ph.D.-studies in special education in Finland. She has been leader of an extensive program for quality enhancement of special education in Tanzania. Stella Damaris Ngorosho has been supervised by Ulla Lahtinen.
Svein Lorentzen ​Professor Svein Lorentzen
Programme for Teacher Education,
Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management, NTNU

Professor Elaine Munthe
Faculty of Arts and Education
Department of Education and Sports Science
P-O Erixon ​Professor P-O Erixon,
Umeå University,

Stella Damaris Ngorosho
Ph.D, post doc researcher
ADEM, Bagamoyo, Tanzania
Marilyn Cochran-Smith ​Professor Marilyn Cochran-Smith,
Boston College, USA
Lee Shulman ​Professor emeritus Lee Shulman
Stanford University, USA
Kristin Barstad ​Kristin Barstad 
Ph.D. Student, NAFOL,
Vestfold University College
Program pre and post seminar for Ph.D. students
14. May 2012: Pre seminar for Ph.D. students with Ola Svein Stugu
and Elaine Munthe.
16. May 2012: Post seminar for Ph.D. students with Marilyn Cochran-Smith, Kari Smith, Anna-Lena Østern, Thorolf Krüger and May Britt Postholm.
Program  14. May 2012: Pre conference seminar for Ph.D.-students

Teacher Education Research between National Identity and Global Trends

What is a national identity for a teacher (education)?
Which are the central global trends?
16.00-16.30​ ​Welcome to the Ph.D students
​16.30-17.30 Theme 1 (Stugu, Munthe) lecture
​17.30-17.45 Break
​17.45-18.45 Group work
​18.45-19.45 Plenary discussions
Ola Svein Stugu ​Professor, Ola Svein Stugu,
Department of History and Classical Studies,
Faculty of Humanities, NTNU

Program  16. May 2012: Post conference seminar for Ph.D.-students and supervisors

09.00-14.00: With Marilyn Cochran Smith, Kari Smith, Anna-Lena Østern, Thorolf Krüger and May Britt Postholm.